New Instagram Channel! “Brückenbau Marke – Wissenschaft trifft Praxis”

Brand Science and Brand Practice should benefit each other. However, in reality they are moving away from each other. Studies show that practitioners are not familiar with academic journals – the main channel of Brand Science communication.

There are several reasons for this such as the decreasing relevance of science through the increasing focus on micro problems as a result of the „Publish-or-Perrish“ mentality. Additionally, the methodologies described in journal articles are often hard to understand and last but not least there is a sheer overload of information with around 6000 journal articles being published on Marketing every year.

Prof. Baumgarth has been trying to close this gap for years through an intensive collaboration with practitioners and innovative formats (e.g. the Pop-up Exhibition „Farbrausch trifft RAL 4010“).
His latest project is the Instagram channel „Brückenbau Marke – Wissenschaft trifft Praxis“. Via the Instagram-Account prof.baumgarth Prof. Dr. Baumgarth shares interesting and practicable insights into brand science. He vividly and accessibly explains relevant journal articles especially for practitioners and students.

He presents the major classic articles among them Aaker, Keller and Fournier as well as „newcomers“ written in 2019 and 2020 together with cases explaining concepts using well-known brands and news from B*lab – research he and his team are involved in.

By now, his channel counts about 400 followers. If you would like to find out more about his motivation, and the function of the channel, you can find an interview in markenartikel and a blog post on the brand blog by Dietrich Identity.

We invite you to get to know the channel and to follow, like and share!