Participation in the 17th Global Brand Conference

The 17th Global Brand Conference, which took place from April 22-24 in Edinburgh, provided exciting and up-to-date insights into global brand research with around 100 papers presented. Alexandra Kirkby and Carsten Baumgarth presented a framework and first results on the transformative power of AI on the day-to-day work of brand managers. The session, which was also chaired by Carsten Baumgarth, was the only session during this year’s GBC with a focus on the interface of AI and brand. In a second presentation, Anja Lambrecht and Carsten Baumgarth presented the results of their study on the influence of augmented reality on brand strength, analyzing in particular the influence of the personality trait narcissism. The conference, which this time took place under the conference theme “Conscientious Brands: Making Sustainability and Responsibility Work”, provided an excellent platform for knowledge exchange and networking as well as a starting point for new research projects.