AI & Brand keynote at the B2B Media Days

On 16 May 2024, Prof. Baumgarth gave the keynote speech “From hype to superpower: How AI is changing brand management and brand work” at the B2B Media Days, the congress of the Deutsche Fachpresse.

The storyline of the presentation was the manta that we need to move from gimmicks to real use cases for brand management in the field of AI. In addition to a few concrete use cases, such as the use of AI in the development of brand positioning, the design of brand-specific and brand-consistent assets and the evaluation of live communication (e.g. trade fair stands) using AI, seven recommendations were formulated for the use of AI in brand management:

  1. Your AI knowledge will never get past a beta stage!
  2. Welcome your new AI colleague with open arms!
  3. Domain expertise is becoming increasingly important!
  4. Pay attention to brand safety!
  5. Reflect on the ecological, ethical & legal effects of your AI-supported brand work!
  6. Develop sustainable business models!
  7. Move from experimentation to business case!

B2B MEDIA DAYS 2024 – KONGRESS DER DEUTSCHEN FACHPRESSE am 16.05.2024 im Palais in der Kulturbrauerei in Berlin /// Foto: Mo Wüstenhagen