17. AIMAC conference: Art Infusion by AI art

At the 17th AIMAC Conference in Lisbon, Carsten Baumgarth presented the first research results on the AI Art Infusion effect. The art infusion effect generally describes the phenomenon that integrating art into marketing (packaging, advertising, events, etc.) automatically improves the judgment of the product or brand. Interestingly, this effect applies to “beautiful” and “unattractive” art and has been extensively empirically confirmed. The objective of the research project is to analyze whether and how this general kind of infusion effect is valid for the integration of AI art. The first main findings of the project are:

  1. AI-Art is perceived as art by consumers and is even rated more positively on average compared to human art.
  2. AI art also triggers the art infusion effect.
  3. The art infusion effect is less pronounced if consumers correctly and incorrectly perceive the integrated art as AI-generated.