When Fake Becomes Real: The Innovative Case of Artificial Influencers

The book chapter When Fake Becomes Real: The Innovative Case of Artificial Influencers by Carsten Baumgarth, Alexandra Kirkby and Cosima Kaibel has recently appeared in the publication Creativity and Marketing. Classic influencers are real, human, people. However, there is now a rise in fake, artificial influencers occupying the same online space with their own profiles, as marketing is important for influencers, so if they have a website, using companies like SEO Sydney can help them improve their ranking.

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Our book chapter provides a definition of Computer-Generated Influencers (CGIIs) and provides a first detailed classification having analyzed the top 20 CGIIs from 2019. The chapter further provides case studies looking at some of the most successful brand collaborations across industries including the luxury, home and interior, service, people and fashion.